Here are examples of all the work I’ve been a part of:

aAh! Magazine (May, 2022)

Manchester Metropolitan University’s arts and culture student magazine aAh! has launched its sixth print issue: The CHANGE Issue. This latest issue brings together writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and artists to explore the theme of ‘change’ through long-form features, interviews, opinions, creative writing, artwork and more.

aAh! Magazine (June, 2022)

June marks the beginning of summer, and what a summer it will be! The start of the festival season was kicked off with Neighbourhood Weekender and June follows with a vengeance. As Parklife Festival takes over our city this weekend, it doesn’t stop there. Tour season is upon us and it looks like June is shaping up to be a month of stellar music, art and culture.

aAh! Magazine (July, 2022)

Kicking off aAh!’s listings for July is Festival Manchester 2022, the city’s largest free music festival dedicated to our community. We’ve also rounded up our favourite music festivals taking place across the UK, as well as theatre and literary highlights including the launch of Helen Mort’s new Forward Prize shortlisted collection The Illustrated Woman.

aAh! Magazine (August, 2022)

What’s on this Summer in August.

Mindless Mag: Fashion + Throw-Away-Culture (March, 2021)

Fast fashion brands are on a mission to continuously maximise output and profit. Whilst it’s vital to hold brands accountable for the wasteful ways in which they drive continuous consumption, better fashion habits can begin right at home, with us!

Mindless Mag: Fashion + Disability (November, 2020)

Runway models are tall and skinny, store mannequins are able-bodied and small. Instagram models are deemed as ‘desirable’. The erasure of disability within the fashion industry is prominent but there is signs of this changing.

Mindless Mag: Fashion + Mental Health (October, 2020)

Some of us may feel pressured to follow fashion and its every latest trend rigorously. Following or not following can both have several implications on our mental health.

Mindless Mag: Fashion + Diversity (September, 2020)

Things are moving fast in the lingerie market, especially with the release of Savage X Fenty by Rihanna. Victoria’s Secret was one of the market leaders for a long time but is that the case still?

Mindless Mag: Fashion + Psychology (August, 2020)

Do you compare yourself to other women seen on advertisements? Do you sometimes feel ashamed of not looking like them? Well, you’re not alone and it has to stop.

‘InkBlot InkBlog: Did Netflix’s Jingle Jangle Ring Our Bells’ with InkBlot Films

Whether your want a space to entertain or a place to relax our latest collection of living room design ideas will have something for you.

‘Cupcake’ (2016) with the British Film Institute

In 2016 I had the honour of working with the British Film Institute in their very own BFI Film Academy. My role was to help storyboard, create and animate alongside my peers for the short film we created.



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